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Our experts have over 50+ years experience specializing in engine & diagnostics. Our caring team of advisors & certified technicians are dedicated to providing the highest level of service for both your vehicle & you.

Frank - Lead Mechanic


Lead Mechanic

Frank, our head mechanic, has a special ability for diagnosing automotive problems & with our state-of-the-art equipment, he is untouchable. He began working on vehicles when he was just 15 years old at a local garage, so he could save to get his own car. Once Frank was 18 years old, he branched out on his own to enhance his knowledge in the automotive industry leading him to become a successful mechanic at shops such as, SEARS, WESTERN AUTO, and PEP BOYS. Frank has accomplished many achievements in his time being a mechanic. He has been certified for:

  • HVAC (A/C Refrigerant)
  • Brakes
  • Alignment (Steering & Suspension)
  • Welding
  • Drivability & Solutions
  • System Diagnosis & Repair
  • LifeSafer Installation & Monitoring
  • and more…

Throughout Frank’s Career as a mechanic, he has received all of his ASE Certifications. In the automotive field, diagnostic and repair is second nature to him. When it comes to auto repair, Frank is one of the most trustworthy and accurate mechanics you will ever meet.



Mechanic – 47 Years Experience

In September 1972,  Zeke took his first step into a garage and began his career as an automotive mechanic. Born and raised in Baltimore most of his life, Zeke has also live in New Jersey, New York, and California;  but his heart and desire to help others always brought him back to Baltimore.

In 2015, Zeke began a new chapter of his life—helping veterans and returning citizens get back into the workforce. Zeke has taught Automotive, ASE Prep, and test courses at the National Center on Institutions & Alternatives—a well known, non-profit organization also known as NCIA. In 3 1/2 years, he’s helped more than 75 people achieve their ASE certificates!

Highly-skilled himself, Zeke has proudly earned over 45 Certificates/Licenses in automotive training & testing. Zeke is well-known for his expertise in Engine & Electrical Diagnosis! Find him at F&M Auto and he can repair your vehicle.


  • Systematic Diagnosis
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Chasis
  • Engine Performance
  • Ase Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling [meets U.s. Epa Section 609]
  • Atg Ii – Essential Lab Scope Techniques


Service Manager

Having Joined the F&M team over 3 years ago, Nicole began as a part-timer performing interlock services, taking messages, etc. She eventually took on a service writer position after receiving her Service Advisor Certification through ATI. Today, Nicole is the General Manager at F&M AUTO REPAIR.

She understands how it feels to have car problems. That’s why her goal is to provide you with the best customer service, at a price you can afford and quality you love. Nicole has a strong relationship with her customers. Her trust & hospitality is one of the many reasons our customers continue to come back.

Nicole also performs services such as oil changes and is certified by LifeSafer to perform monitoring services and installations on Ignition Interlock devices.

NIKKI (Service Advisor)


Service Advisor

New to the automotive industry, anxious to enhance her skills and apply her professional knowledge to a new beginning at F&M AUTO REPAIR. She has already succeeded & achieved her service advisor certificate at ATI (Automotive Training Institute). Nikki is a firm believer of F&M’s reputation, with the philosophy of “The Customer Always Comes First, ALWAYS!” Customer satisfaction is a trait she has carried throughout her entire career. When you come to F&M, Nikki will make you feel exactly that, satisfied!